Buschbeck Grills

Acceptable Standards

Information on acceptable and non-acceptable imperfections

Buschbeck Outdoor Fireplaces are constructed using quartzite concrete – a natural product. Given the nature of concrete, you could expect to find some imperfections in your masonry outdoor fireplace.Buschbeck models have either a copper or stainless-steel insert.

Important: The copper is made from industrial copper which can have imperfections such as tarnishing around the edges and light scratches/blemishes.

Below are some examples of what Buschbeck regard as an acceptable standard and what requires replacement parts. Replacement parts are marked with an X.


Light scratches. Possibly can be buffed out with Copper polish.

Areas of tarnishing from Copper & Concrete adhesive.

Damage to plinth - cracks or excessive indentations.

Mold imperfections/internal chips that won't be seen nor will it pose any structural risk.

Visible chips once assembled and structural cracks.

Visible chips once assembled and structural cracks.

Mold imperfections/reinforcing showing internally. This will not effect the structural integrity of the fireplace.

Mold imperfections/reinforcing showing externally. This may impact the way other pieces are assembled on top.