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Buschbeck FAQ


Can we mix and match the components between Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace models? 

Unfortunately no, each model has its own distinct parts and cannot be mixed and matched.

Which parts of the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace do I need to mortar?

You can choose to mortar the entire product however the upper chimney sections MUST be mortared together for safety reasons.

How many people are needed to assemble the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace?

We recommend at least 2-3 as the heaviest part of the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace weighs approx 80kg.

Can I place the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace on a timber deck?

This is possible if you meet the following regulations 1. Your timber deck must be able to withstand more then 600kgs over the footprint of the product. 2. You have fireproof material under and around your deck. 3. You take sensible safety precautions and never leave your Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace unattended while in use, please check with your local council for more info.

Can I place my Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace under a covered area?

This is possible if a flue is fitted to the fireplace to go through the roof of the covered area.


Does the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace need to be covered in Autumn/Winter?

Whilst there is no need for a cover, it is recommended to reduce water regress and help preserve the unique beauty of your Buschbeck BBQ  Outdoor Fireplace. You can purchase one here

My Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace seems to have small cracks?

Small hairline cracks are considered normal, these are non-structural and won't affect the performance of the product. Please also be aware that it is normal for the hairline cracks to expand when the product is in use and contract once it cools down.

Do you have to paint your Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace?

Painting is not necessary as when/if it requires cleaning, you can jet wash it. The quartzite in the BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace's have their own natural beauty, however if you wish to paint it you can. We advise seeking advise from your local paint store for the right product.

How do I care for the Copper plinth?

A greenish coloured natural patina can occur on Cooper as this is just the nature of the material. However it can be easily cleaned with a copper polish, check with your local DIY store for the best product.

What fuels can I use with my Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace?

The Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace can be fueled by charcoal, wood, logs & briquettes.

General Questions

Do you need to purchase the Stainless Steel Fire Grate?

Each Buschbeck model is supplied with a beveled refractory base for burning your charcoal/logs. 

The majority of customers do tend to purchase one though, as it improves airflow and assists in the removal of ash. 

How much does the Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace weigh?

There is a small variation between models, please see model specs in the product page for more. (Accessories are an additional weight that need to be accounted for is you are purchasing.

What accessories does that Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace come with?

Each Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace model comes standard with the required mortar and a chrome grill rack.

What do I do if I have a fault with my Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace or accessory?

If you have an issue or a fault head over to our warranty and returns page, this explains our processes in detail.

View Our Returns Policy Here

How do I use my Buschbeck Pizza Insert?

Once you have a a good fire going using either the Buschbeck gas insert, wood or charcoal. Let the fire die down until you have a hot bed of glowing embers, now you can slide in your pizza insert and get cooking.

What is your warranty policy?

The Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers major structural defects that occur as a result of a manufacturing defect that prohibit the unit being used for it's intended purpose. But excludes damage caused by excessive heat or overloading. (Excludes general wear and tear expect with a masonry cooking product.

View or Warranty Policy here.

How do these come?

Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplaces are delivered on one shrink wrapped pallet complete with printed assembly instructions and can weigh up to 600kgs. Each Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace contains approximately 10 sectional components of which only two require mortaring with the cement provided.

How are they delivered?

Our transport providers will deliver your Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace to the nearest vehicular access point at the delivery address and are under no obligation to place the barbecue or any of its components any nearer to the barbecues final position.

View our full shipping and Delivery terms here.

Can I have a copy of the assembly instructions?

Yes of course, you can view or download the assembly instructions for each model here.

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