If you’ve heard about Buschbeck’s outdoor barbecues but you’re not quite sure if it’s the one, you might not yet know about all the things a Buschbeck can do for you. For the combination of versatility, aesthetics, quality and safety, you’re looking at the best outdoor barbecue available on the market. If you still need some more convincing, read on.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to install a Buschbeck barbecue and make this summer (and the consecutive summers) your best one yet.

Buschbecks are built to last

The German-built Buschbeck BBQ is the premium standard of quality. Its quality-treated concrete pieces are strong and extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. The special concrete formula ensures stability through heat, cold weather and water. It’s also got a twin-skin safety system that puts a cool air buffer between the hot inner wall and the outer wall, which remains cool to the touch.

It looks great 

You’ll love the rugged Quartzite finish of the Buschbeck, which comes ready to go and doesn’t need any further treating. Even better – it’s designed not to show visible signs of ageing, so the attractive finish will remain as it is through seasons and seasons of use. Creating an ambience for entertaining is important, which is why we designed it to look great and to fit into any garden with any design or colour scheme.

It doubles as an outdoor fireplace

Even when the food is done, the Buschbeck can stay on. As well as being your versatile outdoor grill, it’s also your campfire. Any night, barbecue or not, can turn into roasting marshmallows, jamming the guitar and telling ghost stories under the stars – romantic, no? The best part is that it’s a lot more fire safe than having a traditional outdoor fireplace, so your barbecue-slash-fireplace is worry-free - something that’s particularly helpful for our dry summers. 

It’s also a pizza oven

If you want to diversify your garden parties and try something a little more European, you can get an insert which turns your Buschbeck BBQ into a wood-fired pizza oven that makes crispy, fresh-off-the-grill pizzas. Even your professional chef friends will be jealous! The pizza insert comes with a quality pizza stone made out of steatite, a material more commonly known as soapstone. This is one of the best materials for cooking crispy, gourmet pizzas - you’ll be the most popular family in the street.

It’s a gourmet chef’s dream

We’ve come a long way from the days of turning the gas on and throwing everything on the greasy cooktop. The Buschbeck BBQ is versatile and customisable; you can cook straight on a gas flame with the gas burner attachment, or you can cook on coals, wood, and briquettes - it’s your choice. Beyond switching up your cooking method for flavour changes, you can add a rotisserie, a pizza stone or any of the other accessories which ensure that the Buschbeck BBQ is fully-equipped to handle anything you want to cook. 

How do you say no to all that a Buschbeck offers?

 If you’re not careful, the neighbour will get their Buschbeck first and you’ll miss the opportunity to be the most popular household in the street. But no stress - it’s easy to order, and even easier to install. We offer a range of options to suit your specific needs, and the design of your yard, so get in touch with us or pick out your favourite and shop online today!


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How much ?

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