What makes a Buschbeck more than just a BBQ pizza oven?
A Buschbeck BBQ Fireplace takes modern functionality to a new level, incorporating various cooking functions with a sleek appearance and a warm, inviting centrepiece for any entertainer’s home.
We want to give outdoor-lovers the chance to stay outside to their heart’s content, while still experiencing the comforts of the indoors. Gathering under the stars with the people you care about is a night spent well, and we at Buschbeck want to facilitate the creation of those memories.
So, what is a Buschbeck, and how is it one of the best choices you’ll make for your home?

Woodfire Oven and BBQ

The design of each and every Buschbeck model is centred around the creation of culinary masterpieces. Whether you’re catering for four people or ten, our models will provide an area to satisfy and impress your guests, without impacting on your garden space.
Each one is designed with multiple attachments for easy choice and functionality:

Pizza Oven Insert

Manufactured using high-grade stainless steel, the Buschbeck Pizza Insert has both a modern design and an enduring finish so that you can be sure it will stand up to the test of time. Featuring a slab of Italian soapstone, this insert does not skimp on quality for convenience, ensuring that your masterpieces have a regulated temperature and excellent flavour. This accessory slides into the top of the oven, giving you that delicious woodfired quality.

BBQ Pizza Oven

Grill on Embers

To promote that smouldering charcoal flavour in every piece of meat, the Buschbeck also comes with a grill insert made to fit into the firepit of the oven. Rest easy knowing you’ll get restaurant quality every single time.

Gas Grill Insert

This optional insert allows for both versatility and convenience. If you need to cater to a larger crowd of guests, or you’re simply looking for something a little faster, you can insert the gas grill and cut the hassle of dealing with wood or charcoal.


Finally, our rotisserie attachment acts as an excellent addition to your fireplace. Just set it up and let it go, as this beauty is battery-powered. Succulent cuts of meat guaranteed every single time.

Buschbeck BBQ Rotisserie


Even if you’re not using it for cooking, the Buschbeck is unmatched for its aesthetic when utilised as an outdoor fireplace. Each model is tailored to a different design methodology, meaning that when you’re deciding on your new Buschbeck, you’re spoilt for choice.
From our modern minimalist Rondo and Rondo Grey designs, to our more classically inspired Ambiente and St Moritz models, there is guaranteed to be something in our range for every taste. Choose between stainless steel or copper inserts, and accent your new garden feature with our two-toned options. Each fireplace has storage for either wood or charcoal, so it’s completely functional as a piece for ambience.
A bright light and warm fire lend a beautiful touch to every gathering, and with a Buschbeck installed in your garden you’ll find yourself constantly outside to experience its glow.

Ready to elevate your garden?

Experience the joy and versatility of a Buschbeck barbecue and fireplace in your backyard! If you have any questions contact us for more information.


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